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The Lifetime Achievement Award is an Golden Rooster Award given for an achievement which makes an outstanding contribution to the motion picture since 2005.There is no annual award category. From 2005, the Golden Rooster Awards and Hundred Flowers Awards take place on alternate years, but Golden Rooster Award for Lifetime Achievement Award is still made annually.


This table displays the individuals who received the Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions to film.

Year Recipient(s) Notes
2012 Wang Weiyi 王为一
Yan Jizhou 严寄洲
2011 Xiang Juanshu 向隽殊
Fu Zhengyi 傅正义
Voice Actor
2010 Yu Yang 于洋
Tian Hua 田华
Male Actor & Director
Female Actor
2009 Yu Lan 于蓝
Qi Yi 秦怡
Female Actor
Female Actor
2008 Chen Qiang 陈强
Zhang Jian 张鉴
Yuan Naichen 袁乃晨
Male Actor
2007 Zhang Ruifang 张瑞芳
Lu Zhuguo 陆柱国
Female Actor
2005 Xie Jin 谢晋
Xie Tieli 谢铁骊
Director & Writer
Director & Writer

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