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Name: Golden Rule
Port of registry: United States
Route: San Pedro, CA to Honolulu, HI (1958), Humboldt Bay, CA to San Diego, CA (2014, 2017)
Builder: Hugh Angelman, Charles Davies
Launched: 1958, 2010
Completed: 1958, 2014
Maiden voyage: 1958
Out of service: early 1970s, 2010-2015
Fate: restored/ relaunched
Status: on peace mission for nuclear disarmament
General characteristics
Class and type: Alpha
Length: 30 ft at waterline
Beam: 12 ft
Draught: 5 ft
Sail plan: fore-and-aft gaff rig ketch
Speed: 8 kts maximum

Golden Rule is the first boat to engage in environmental direct action in the world.[1] It is currently operated by Veterans for Peace. As of summer of 2017, Golden Rule is actively sailing to promote nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.[2]


The boat was designed by Hugh Angelman and constructed from 1956 to 1958 in Costa Rica. She was originally constructed with sapele and purpleheart. Restoration has been done using, among other south American tropical woods, Hymenaea courbaril.

In 1958, four men associated with the Quaker religion sailed toward Enewetok atoll in the Marshall Islands aboard Golden Rule with the goal of preventing atmospheric nuclear weapons testing. The US Coast Guard stopped the vessel in Honolulu, arresting her skipper, Albert Bigelow, who once served as lieutenant commander in the United States Navy. Different people owned the vessel throughout the years. She sank twice: once in the early 1970s and again in March, 2010. She has been restored since. In July 2015, she had relaunched from Humboldt Bay, California, her present home dock. She continues to sail on a peace mission to promote non-violence and to spread an anti-nuclear message to the general public. Her stops are accompanied by public events to inform the public. In the summer of 2017, she sails from Eureka, California down the full length of the California coast to San Diego with visits up the Sacramento River to the state capital.[3][4][5]

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