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Goldoni S.p.A.
Industry agricultural machinery
Founded 1926 (1926)
Founder Celestino Goldoni
Headquarters Carpi, Emilia-Romagna, Modena, Italy
Products tractors (specialized), motorized mowers, motorized cultivators
Number of employees

Goldoni S.p.A. is an engineering company with its seat in Migliarina (district of Carpi, Emilia-Romagna), a manufacturer of agricultural machinery for agriculture since 1926.


In 1926 Celestino Goldoni founded "Goldoni Agricultural Machinery" in a farmhouse in the countryside of Modena, beginning the production of irrigation’s pumps.

Goldoni's family - 1948

In 1950, were added motocultivators and motomowers, for which was entered into an exclusive commercial with the Federconsorzi for sale through its net in Italy.

In 1967, the first tractors were produced, with the series "Export", followed by the series "Universal" and the company expanded abroad through a series of trade agreements.

In 1969 was stiplated an agreement with Cuba for the sale of 1500 tractors (GM4 and "Export") for the fields of sugar cane; in 1978 was inaugurated the branch "Goldoni France"; in 1980 with Tbilisi (Georgia, soon Soviet Union ) for on-site production and marketing of products "Goldoni 700" and "Cultivator Super 600".

In 1982 it was introduced the "Compact" tractors, designed to work in orchards and vineyards; in 1984-1985 were granted to the Republic of China the license for on-site production and marketing of "Transporter", "Goldoni 800", " Universal "and" RS 900"; in 1986 with John Deere to produce the names and colors of John Deere of orchard and vineyard tractors and Iran for on-site production and marketing of" Universal "and" 900 RS "and motormowers.

At the beginning of the nineties, began the production of tracked specialized and 2002 was introduced the series "Star Quadrifoglio", still a specialized tractor for orchards and vineyards. In 2004 it was inaugurated the new department "research and development" and in 2008 was presented the "Boxter", which won the "Technical Innovation" at the EIMA International.

From 1926 to 2004, the Goldoni’s logo has undergone 4 revisiting.

The factory of Migliarina di Carpi near Modena occupies an area of over 130,000 m² (of which 65,000 are covered).


Ronin, nuova serie

The products include:

  • motormowers
  • motorcultivators
  • equal wheel
  • specialized tractors
  • utility vehicles
  • tracked


Branch subsidiaries in France. Over to the European Community, the main foreign markets are the countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, South America and North America, and Oceania, bringing the export in more than 80 countries.

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