Goldstein College, University of New South Wales

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Goldstein College
UNSW Goldstein College arms.jpg
University University of New South Wales
Location UNSW campus, Kensington
Full name Goldstein College
Established 1964
Named for Phillip Godfrey Goldstein
Sister college Basser College
Philip Baxter College, Fig Tree Hall, Colombo House and UNSW Hall.
Head Ms Isabelle Creagh
Website The Kensington Colleges

Goldstein College, University of New South Wales is one of the three original Kensington Colleges along with Phillip Baxter and Basser College. In 2012 and 2013, Goldstein residents resided in Baxter College during the University of New South Wales (UNSW) major student accommodation redevelopment project.


Goldstein College is the smallest of the three Kensington Colleges at the University of New South Wales. The newly completed Goldstein College building houses 150 residents. The residents of the college are of local, rural and international students.

The original Goldstein College was opened on 30 June 1964, along with the Goldstein Dining Hall which is shared by all residents of The Kensington Colleges. The College was designed by Government Architect, E.H. Farmer,[1] and a member of his staff, Peter Hall,[2] who later succeeded Jorn Utzon as supervising architect of the Sydney Opera House.[3] The Goldstein Dining Hall won the Sulman Award for architecture in 1966.

Goldstein College was named after Phillip Godfrey Goldstein (1895-1963), who arrived in Australia in 1911 from England. In 1959 he donated ₤40,000 (Australian) towards the construction of the Dining Hall and College. The College initially housed women and postgraduate students, being the first college accommodation for women on the UNSW campus.[4]

House Committee[edit]

Goldstein College is governed by a student run House Committee under the supervision of the Dean of College. In 2015 the Dean is Mr Nicholas Dowd.

The current House Committee consists of:

President: Ms Madeline McFarlane

Treasurer: Mr Mitch Shaw

Secretary: Ms Shalini Nanayakkara

Cultural Director: Ms Emma Size

Social Director: Ms Joanna Davey

Sports Directors: Mr Sam Fensom & Ms Georgie Meredith

Operations and Communications Director: Mr Aiden Ray

Arc@UNSW and Communities Director: Mr Tom Perfrement [5]


The redeveloped Goldstein College opened in Semester 1, 2014. It accommodates 150 students in a mixture of rooms with either en suites or shared bathroom facilities. Goldstein College has expansive common and study areas as well as a roof top garden. The College shares landscaped garden spaces with Basser, Philip Baxter and the newly established residences; Fig Tree Hall and Colombo House. Residents are provided with three meals per day (during session) at the Goldstein Dining Hall, which is shared with the other Kensington Colleges - Basser and Philip Baxter and Fig Tree Hall. The Dining Hall has undergone a major refurbishment while retaining the design features and fixtures of the original interior. The Dining Hall is the setting for residents' daily meals as well as formal dinners, alumni gatherings and special events, making it one of the most important and central features of life on campus and UNSW's collegiate history.


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