Golemiya Kazan

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Kazanite from the summit of Vihren
Vihren from Kazanite

Golemiya Kazan (Bulgarian: Големия казан) is part of an area below Vihren called Kazanite in Bulgaria's Pirin mountain range. It is composed of two cirques, Malkiya Kazan (The Small Cauldron), which is the lower one (2,200 m) and is grassy, and Golemiya Kazan (The Big Cauldron), situated at 2,400 m and stony. The size of the Big Cauldron is 1,200 m by 1,100 m. They were named this because there is often fog rising from the cirques. Due to the karst in the region there are no lakes or streams in the Cauldrons. A 300 m high face of Vihren begins from the Big Cauldron and at its foot a small glacier called Snezhnika is located, whose size is 40x90 m. Often chamois, which are abundant in the area, can be seen on it.

Coordinates: 41°46′16″N 23°24′17″E / 41.77111°N 23.40472°E / 41.77111; 23.40472