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Golrang Holding
Golrang Industrial Group
گروه صنعتی گلرنگ
Private holding
Industry Consumer goods
Founded 1960; 58 years ago (1960)
Founder Mohammad Karim Fazli
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Area served
Key people
Products Foods, Beverages, Motion Pictures, Prescription Drugs, Cellulosic, Cleaning Agents and Personal Care products
Number of employees
+17,000 (2016)[1]
Website www.golrang.com

Golrang Industrial Group also known as GIG is a dynamic economic corporation, operating in various areas of investment. This industrial group relies on the constant efforts of the private sector, and consists of nearly 100 subsidiaries, operating in regional, national and international levels, and in diverse fields of business, including: Hygiene and detergent, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, cellulose industry, distribution and sales, cosmetics, automotive industry, oil and gas, petrochemical, mine, energy, construction, international trading services, printing and packaging, insurance services, transportation, manufacturing polymer and plastic products, education services, information technology, industrial kitchen equipment, …At present, more than 17,000 employees are working in Golrang Industrial Group.


Golrang Industrial Group’s vision is to be among the top 500 corporations worldwide by 2025, to the extent that 40% of sales of this industrial group will be overseas and international.


Golrang Industrial Group owns dozens of famous brands in numerous fields of active industries in various fields of economy. Almost every Iranian and a segment of regional and international consumers are familiar with most of these brands, such as: Golrang, Avé, Softlan, Oila, Famila, Active, Biodent, Barlie, Nancy, Home plus, Merci, Merident, Goldent…

Product Categories[edit]

Production of more than 60 product categories with annual sales, exceeding 1 billion product units, the growth rate of more than three times higher than of the industry, within the past 20 years, investment of more than 400 billion rials in order to equip and develop research laboratories, and many other items are among the capabilities of Golrang Industrial Group.

List of Golrang Holding Companies[edit]

  • Golrang
    • Pakshoo[1]
    • GPA (Gol Pakhsh e Aval)
    • Hyper Famili Chain Stores
    • MSCI (Marina Sun Cellulose Industrial)
    • Golrang Pakhsh
    • Padideh Shimi Nili
    • Padideh Shimi Paydar
    • Anitasun Industrial Group
    • ATS (Aryan Tejarat Shargh)
    • ASP (Aryan System Pardaz)
    • Tiyan Gas Steel Industrial
    • Dalin Mehr
    • Aryan System Pardaz
    • Golbarg Baharan
    • Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores
    • Pakan Pelastkar
    • Pakhshe Padideh Paydar(Active)
    • Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Group
    • Hasti Aria Shimi Co. P.J.S.
    • Arian Salamat Sina Co. P.J.S
    • Hasti Arian Darou Co. P.J.S.
    • Salamat Pakhshe Hasti co. P.
    • Golrang University
    • Golrang Media Institute (GMI)
    • Golrang Electronics Industries (GEI)
    • Aryan Sanaat Rafie (ASR)
    • Golrang Motor Family (GMF)

Subsidiary companies[edit]

The GIG's subsidiaries are as follows:

Golrang Industrial Group subsidiaries
Company Name Activities
Pakshoo Pakshoo chemical and manufacturing company is the biggest private sector in manufacturing complete range of hygienic, Cosmetics and detergent products in Iran.
Golrang Pakhsh A Sales and Distribution Company with 14 branches in covering Iran
Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Leading supermarket chain in Iran
GPA (Gol Pakhsh e Aval) Diversified Sales and Distribution Company having its subsidiaries in 6 provinces and 44 sub-agents covering whole Iran
Tiyan Gas Steel Industrial Manufacturing kitchen and gaslight devices
Padideh Shimi Nili Manufacturer of chemical raw materials for personal and home care industry
ATS (Aryan Tejarat Shargh) General Import & Export of Primary materials
ASP (Aryan System Pardaz) Software and Hardware services and with more than 85 experts in computer engineering.
MSCI (Marina Sun Cellulose Industrial) producing cellulosic products including tissue paper, napkins Dlsy, cloth towels, baby diapers
Dalin Mehr Manufacturer of confectionery Under the Renex & Bingo Brands.
Padideh Shimi Paydar Manufacturing hygienic and detergent with brand name of Active
Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Koorosh Co. chain stores with the aim of developing the country in retail services
Pakan Pelastkar Producing Blow molding and injection machines and plastic jars, caps and jars .
ASR (Arian Sanaat Rafie) Importing and Exporting various goods including, automobile, paper, board and petrochemical products.
Pakhshe Padideh Paydar This company distribute detergent product under Active brand .
Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Group The main investor and supporter of Hasti Ariya Shimi,Arian Salamat Sina,Hasti Arian Darou,Salamat Pakhsheh Hasti,….
Golbarg Baharan The company of food production such as Edible oil, Olive oil and so on with Famila & Oila Brand name
Golrang Media Institute The Largest Home Entertainment Company in Iran: TV Series: Shookhi kardam, Vilay e Man, Made in Iran, ...
Golrang Electronics Industries (GEIC) GEIC owns the highest capacity for producing high capacity discs such as DVD-5 & DVD-9 and Blu-ray (25GB & 50GB) products in I.R.I.

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