Golyam Beglik

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Golyam Beglik reservoir
язовир Голям Беглик
Golyam Beglik Dam 7.jpg
A view of the reservoir
Location Pazardzhik Province, Rhodope Mountains
Coordinates 41°48′54″N 24°7′8″E / 41.81500°N 24.11889°E / 41.81500; 24.11889
Lake type reservoir
Basin countries Bulgaria
Max. length 5.5 km (3.4 mi)
Max. width 5 km (3.1 mi)
Surface area 4.1 km2 (1.6 sq mi)
Water volume 62.1×10^6 m3 (50,300 acre⋅ft)

Golyam Beglik is a reservoir near the central parts of the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. It was formerly officially called the Vasil Kolarov reservoir in honour of Vasil Kolarov, a communist political leader of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

The reservoir Batak, Beglika, Shiroka Polyana and Golyam Beglik are the main tourist places in the region of Batak. The lakes are located to the north and to the south at high sea level.

There is a large diversity of game near the reservoir territory. There are bear, deer, foxes, wolves, as well as smaller animals such as rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels. There are also many wild ducks and geese near its water areas. The place is well suited for developing hunting tourism that is traditional in the region.