Gomantak Marathi Academy

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Gomantak Marathi Academy was a pro-Marathi organisation established in 1987. The GMA had formed more than 56 centres working for the development of language and culture of Marathi population in Goa. The Academy had been using their services to mobilise support for various activities like literature, culture, art, drama, etc.[1] GMA had The worked hard to make Marathi, an official language in Goa and believes Konkani as dialect of Marathi. GMA had significantly contributed for defending Marathi and its people in Goa.[2] But due Government of goa has stopped its annual grant and formed a new GOA MARATHI ACADEMY on 12 August 2014 under the chairmanship of Prof. Anil Samant with following members - Ashok Naik, Chandrakant Gawas, Purnima kerkar, Vallabh kelkar, Paresh prabhu, Sagar jawadekar, Gajanan mandrekar, Janardan verlekar, Tushar tople, Anand mayekar, dashrath parab and shashank thakur.