Gongsun Xu

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Gongsun.
Gongsun Xu
Traditional Chinese 公孫續
Simplified Chinese 公孙续

Gongsun Xu (died 199) was the son of Gongsun Zan, a warlord during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history.


As the Han Dynasty central government's power collapsed, the warlords Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shao fought for control of northern China. After years of destructive war, Gongsun Zan grew weary. He built a splendid fortification at Yi (易), located on the northern bank of Yi river, called it Yijing (易京, meaning "Capital Yi"). He stored enough provisions to last tens of years, locking himself inside, intended to wait for "peace".

Taking the initiation, Yuan Shao went for the kill. Having amassed a massive army, he easily cut through Gongsun Zan's border defense fortifications because Gongsun Zan refused to relieve them. Before long, Yuan Shao and his huge army appeared in front of Yijing.

Alarmed, Gongsun Zan sent his son, Gongsun Xu to ask for help from the leaders of the Heishan bandits.

In the spring of 199, Zhang Yan, leader of the Heishan bandits, joined with Gongsun Xu to lead the relieving force advancing in 3 columns. Before they arrived, Gongsun Zan lost the Battle of Yijing and died.

Gongsun Xu was killed by the Xiongnu group Chuge (屠各).

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