Gorleston Pavilion

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Gorleston Pavilion
The Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston, Norfolk - geograph.org.uk - 291064.jpg
Address Gorleston-on-sea
Coordinates 52°34′16″N 1°43′58″E / 52.571042°N 1.732712°E / 52.571042; 1.732712
Capacity 300
Current use Active
Opened 1901
Architect J W Cockrill

Gorleston Pavilion or Pavilion Theatre is located near the mouth of River Yare in the town of Gorleston-on-sea in the English county of Norfolk. Commonly described as an Edwardian Theatre, it was built in 1898 and was designed by the Borough Engineer J W Cockrill.[1] The auditorium has no rake and there is a balcony at the rear, which is used by the technical staff and is currently closed to the public. The proscenium was rebuilt in 1919. The building contains a large upper room with a balcony providing a view of Gorleston beach and cliffs.

Stage dimensions: Depth: 4.8m (15 ft 9in), Proscenium width = 7.26m (23 ft 10in), Height to grid: 3.96 m (13 ft)


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