Gosford Park (soundtrack)

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Gosford Park
Soundtrack album by Patrick Doyle and Ivor Novello
Released 15 January 2002
Genre Soundtrack
Label Decca Records

Gosford Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2001 film Gosford Park.


The director of Gosford Park, Robert Altman, discussed the direction the film's soundtrack would take with composer, Patrick Doyle, suggesting that the soundtrack should not attempt to direct the audience to any particular part of the film, but to support it nonetheless.[1] Another potential issue in the soundtrack's composition was the integration of Ivor Novello songs with the overall score. Altman noted that both of these aspects were handled well by the composer.[1] Doyle used the film's main character, Mary, as a focal point for his composition, taking influences from her Scottish nationality and incorporating them into the score. He described the collaboration with Altman as "one of the happiest of my career."[1]

Critical response[edit]

The film review website SoundtrackNet reviewed the soundtrack positively, despite a lukewarm review for the film at large. The critic, Glenn McClanan, praises Doyle's scoring as "effective and surprisingly well-developed."[2] He goes on to say that the score was intended mainly for two purposes: to give the audience a sense of the film's setting and to impart to the audience a sense of emotion, and that the film is successful in both endeavours.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Song Artist(s)
1 "Waltz of My Heart" Ivor Novello
2 "Mr. Parks" Patrick Doyle
3 "Gosford Park" Patrick Doyle
4 "Bored to Sobs" Patrick Doyle
5 "The Shirt" Patrick Doyle
6 "And Her Mother Came Too" Ivor Novello (Sung by Jeremy Northam)
7 "Walking to Shoot" Patrick Doyle
8 "No Smoke Without Fire" Patrick Doyle
9 "Scherzo in G" Patrick Doyle
10 "I Can Give You the Starlight" Ivor Novello (Sung by Jeremy Northam)
11 "What a Duke Should Be" Ivor Novello (Sung by Jeremy Northam)
12 "Inspector Thompson" Patrick Doyle
13 "Pull Yourself Together" Patrick Doyle
14 "Life Goes On" Patrick Doyle
15 "Secrets to Hide" Patrick Doyle
16 "Only for a While" Patrick Doyle
17 "Rather a Pasting'" Patrick Doyle
18 "Love Jam" Patrick Doyle
19 "Why Isn't It You?" Ivor Novello (Sung by Jeremy Northam)
20 "The Way It's Meant to Be" Patrick Doyle
21 "Carpe Diem" Patrick Doyle
22 "Good Luck" Patrick Doyle
23 "Your Boy's Alive" Patrick Doyle
24 "The Land of Might-Have-Been" Ivor Novello (Sung by Jeremy Northam)


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