Got the Thirst

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Got the Thirst
Studio album by
LabelGolf Records
King Prawn chronology
Surrender to the Blender
Got the Thirst

Got the Thirst was the last album of London 'wildstyle' band King Prawn (band). It was released in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bring Down The House"
  2. "The Dominant View"
  3. "Caught Inna Rut"
  4. "Smoke Some Shit"
  5. "The Loneliest Life"
  6. "Hell Below"
  7. "Bitter Taste"
  8. "Raise The Banner"
  9. "Lick Of The Flame"
  10. "Gather Round"
  11. "Satan's Folly"
  12. "Another Great Escape"
  13. "Viva Devi"
  14. "If Dawn Comes...We Ride"

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