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Gotland Game Conference
Awarded for Best student game / Computer animation
Venue Wisby Strand Congress & Event
Country Sweden
Presented by Campus Gotland
First awarded June 6, 2006 (2006-06-06)
Official website

Gotland Game Conference (GGC), originally Gotland Game Convention and later Gotland Game Awards, is a Swedish game development competition for students. The event is held annually and marks the end of the academic year for the students at the Department of Game Design at Campus Gotland, Uppsala University. Here they can showcase everything that they have learned during the year to a jury consisting of professionals from the game development industry, the gaming press and academia.[1] Notable people who have been a part of the jury include game design guru Ernest W. Adams[2] and the father of MUDs Richard Bartle.[3][4]

Apart from getting feedback on their projects by professionals, the students also compete for prize money. The total prize pool in 2009 was over €40,000.[5]


Gotland Game Conference was initiated by Don Geyer, Program Director at the Department of Game Design at the time, in 2006.[6] The purpose was to train the students for real world situations with elements of teamwork and deadlines as well as learning to present their work in a convincing way. During the first year it was called Gotland Game Convention.[7] At that time there were a few arcade machines, a Nintendo DS game and some titles for the PC.

Next year, in 2007, the name was changed to Gotland Game Awards, which it continued be known as until 2011 when the name was changed to Gotland Game Conference. Throughout the years the conference has increased in size. Prizes have included trips to the biggest game development conference in the world, Game Developers Conference in Cologne.[8] Since 2008 there has also been special awards given out to students who create computer animated movies.

The event[edit]

The event is easily categorized into four distinct parts (spanning over multiple days);

  • Presentations given to classmates and members of the jury
  • The main event where all products are shown to inhabitants of Gotland as well as the jurors
  • The Award ceremony
  • The Grand GGC Party where personnel, students, jurors and VIPs end the end of academic year together

Thanks to GGC, many students get recruited before they finish their studies.

Game Awards[edit]

Award Year Game Notes
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2016 Anchored
2015 Frog Climbers[9]
2014 Crocodile Chow Down[10]
2013 CoBots[11]
2010 Dwarfs[12]
2009 Walkabout[13]
2008 Vertigo[14]
2007 Fairytale[15]
Best First Year Project
2016 Cryptogram
2015 Frog Climbers
2014 Crocodile Chow Down
2013 CoBots
2012 Clapper
2010 Gods of Steel Best Arcade Game
2009 Chubby Chase Race Best Arcade Game
2008 Deep Ocean Best Arcade Game
2007 BLOmma Best Arcade Game
2006 Head Banger Best Arcade Game
Best Second Year Project
2016 Anchored
2015 Clouds Below
2014 Defunct
2013 Ghoulies
2010 Abzolium Best Big Game
2009 Cause of War Best Big Game
2008 Planetaria Best Big Game
Best Graduating Class
2015 Agency
2014 Veer
2013 Little Warlock
2010 Fumbies - The Cloud Creatures
2009 Exhaust
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2016 Anchored
2015 Summit Chasers
2014 Tower Offensive
2013 Little Warlock
The Almedalen Library Award
2016 F.R.A.U.S.
2015 Colors of the Wind
2013 Lunar Love
2010 Fumbies - The Cloud Creatures
2009 Ghost Written
2008 Fairytale
The Innovation Award
2016 Cryptogram
2015 Workspace Warfare
2014 Crocodile Chow Down
2013 Torn
Best Presentation
2016 Slumber
2015 Tamarrion
2014 Tower Offensive
2010 Midnight
2009 Ghost Written
2008 In Other Words
2007 Roskilde
Best Serious Game
2010 Colorless
2009 Ghost Written
2008 GameRider
2007 Wobble Trouble
Best Exhibition
2010 Abzolium
2009 Penalty of Heroes

People's Choice Awards[edit]

Award Year Game Notes
Student's Choice
2016 Neiva
2015 PvGvP
2014 Undercover Agency
2013 Tribal Marathon
People's Choice
2010 Abzolium
2009 Chubby Chase Race
People's Choice - Most Helpful Group
2009 Archaic

Special Awards[edit]

Award Year Game Notes
Alumni of the Year Award
2016 Kim Aava Guerrilla Games
2015 Rikard Jaksch King
2014 Ted Sjöström Pixel Ferrets
2013 Annika O. Bergström Södertörn University
2009 Peter Stråhle GRIN
2008 Anders Ekermo Starbreeze
2007 Mats Andersson Avalanche Studios
The Award for Human Rights and Anti-discrimination
2010 Pawns
2009 Cause of War
2008 Insats Afrika Red Cross Award #1
Monks of Sangrael Red Cross Award #2
JADE Project Award
2009 Archaic
2008 Fairytale
TUT-MS Dean's Award
2016 Giddy Up
2014 Vertigoat NicoGRAPH Conference
NicoGRAPH Award
2014 Crocodile Chow Down
Best XNA Game
2010 Abzolium
Best Cinematic
2009 Trojan Sheep
Nordic Game Jam
2009 Sheep away
Mathematical Game
2009 Euklides Magic
Best Game - Open and Invitational
2008 Dark Room

Computer Animation Awards[edit]

Award Year Game Notes
Best CG Animation
2010 The Secret Chamber
Best Commercial
2009 Cube
2008 Wacom in Motion
Best Graduating Class
2010 From One Motherfucker To Another
Spotlight Category
2010 Octopus Painting Duel
Best Student Animation
2009 09-09-14
Open and Invitational
2008 Perfekt
Theme Park
2008 In Harmony with Nature

Student Effort Awards[edit]

Award Year Game Notes
Best Student Effort in Art
2010 Tobias Andersen
2009 Anders Bäckman
Best Student Effort Technical
2009 Ted Lindström
Best Student in Computer Graphics
2009 Tommy Nilsson
Best Student in Game Design and Graphics
2009 Emma Johansson
Best Student in Game Design and Programming
2009 Tommi Lipponen


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