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Goulmima is located in Morocco
location of Goulmima in Morocco
Coordinates: 31°41′40″N 4°57′33″W / 31.69444°N 4.95917°W / 31.69444; -4.95917Coordinates: 31°41′40″N 4°57′33″W / 31.69444°N 4.95917°W / 31.69444; -4.95917
Country  Morocco
Region Drâa-Tafilalet
Province Errachidia
Elevation 1,018 m (3,340 ft)
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 17 952

Goulmima (Arabisation of the Amazigh word Igelmimen (the lakes))(Berber: ⵉⴳⵯⵍⵎⵉⵎⵏ;Arabic: ݣلميمة‎) is a Berber city in Morocco[2] situated in the province of Errachidia, in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet. An agricultural oasis, it is fed by the Wadi Gheris from the central High Atlas mountains. Like other settlements in Tafilalet, it was built as a fortified village or ksar. One of the most important ones, Ighrem n'Igoulmimen (Ksar Goulmima), is in the process of restoration.[3] Not just a historical location, several hundred people still live in the ksar.

Udayn n Acur[edit]

Also known as Udayen n Σacur, Udayn n Âachour[4] meaning (the Jews of Ashoura), it is a festival taking place in Tizi-n-Imnayen in Goulmima. The carnival is rooted in old Judeo-Berber traditions, and is now celebrated by the Muslims of the area, since the Jews had left long ago. The youths dress up in masks and parade around, often shouting slogans against the government and calling for Berber rights.


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