Grace Chang

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Grace Chang
Grace Chang.jpg

June 1933 (age 86)
OccupationSinger, Actress
Spouse(s)Gao Fuquan
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese葛蘭
Simplified Chinese葛兰

Grace Chang (born 1934), known in Chinese as Ge Lan (葛蘭), is a Hong Kong-Chinese actress and singer. She was a popular idol in the 1950s, especially among students and the middle class.[1]

She was an actress from the Cathay Organisation with many successes including It Blossoms Again, The Wild, Wild Rose, and Mambo Girl. Chang appeared in 33 films during her eleven-year acting career. Her last actual appearance was in 1964 though she has provided vocals for soundtracks.


Chang was a Haining, Zhejiang native, born in Nanjing and grew up in Shanghai, before moving to Hong Kong in 1949. The great singer-actress Zhou Xuan was her idol.[1] Her stage name Ge Lan is an approximation of her English name Grace. She began vocal training in her childhood. She moved to Hong Kong with her father in 1949 and began her career with Taishan Picture, where she starred in her debut show, “Seven Sisters” in 1952. Grace married Gao Fuquan in London in 1961 and retired from acting in 1964.



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