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Grade 22 (also referred to as BPS-22 grade) is the highest attainable rank and pay scale for a civil servant in Pakistan. Grade 22 is equal to a three-star rank of the Pakistan Armed Forces. With over five thousand civil servants and bureaucrats in Pakistan, only a few dozen officers serve in BPS-22 grade at a given time. Hence, not even 1% of the country's civil servants make it to the highest basic pay scale of grade 22.[1][2][3] Officers serving in BPS-22 grade are largely considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the country.[4]

The most influential Grade 22 officials belong to the Pakistan Administrative Service and serve as federal secretaries and provinical chief secretaries

Each officer who reaches grade 22 has, on average, a civil service career spanning over 30 years to 32 years. The promotion to this rank is done by the High Powered Selection Board (HPSB), which is chaired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Other members of the Board, who advice the PM on promotions, are the Establishment Secretary of Pakistan, the Cabinet Secretary of Pakistan and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.[5][6][7]

The following key positions in the country are occupied by BPS-22 grade officials:

Prominent Grade 22 officers[edit]


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