Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Japan)

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Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Sokendai hayama.jpg
PresidentOKADA Yasunobu
LocationHayama, Kanagawa, Japan
LanguageJapanese, English

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (総合研究大学院大学, Sōgō kenkyū daigakuin daigaku) is one of the national universities of Japan, located in the town of Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture. Sōkendai (総研大), as it is generally called in its abbreviated form, was established in the year 1988. From 1988 to 1995 the university maintained its headquarters in Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama at Tokyo Institute of Technology later shifting to the present location.


Sokendai is the first national university in Japan that started offering exclusively graduate programs. It accepts both bachelor's and master's students for its graduate programs. While students having a bachelor's degree are admitted to a five years integrated graduate program and masters students are admitted directly to the three years graduate program.[1]

Sokendai consists of six schools with each school further offering various specializations. Research activities in various domains are conducted at different specialized research institutions such as at (Hayama campus, sixteen research institutions working under four inter-university research institute corporations), National Institute of Multimedia Education and Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.


Sokendai is a National Graduate University of Japan confirming to the guidelines stipulated under the provisions of National University Corporation Law of Japan. The objective of the Japanese National Graduate Universities is to foresee the future ahead of its time, nurture specialized researchers having broader visions and thereby contribute positively towards public benefits.

Accordingly, the objectives of Sokendai are: (i) to nurture international researchers with high expertise and broad perspectives as well as an understanding of cross-disciplinary cooperation and social relationships; (ii) to proceed with interdisciplinary, pioneering and expansive research on the basis of the linkage between the parent institutes and the Hayama Campus and through collaboration with Japanese and international researchers, and; (iii) to establish its position as a hub for graduate education in Asia for the creation of science linked with society.[2]


The Graduate University for Advanced Studies is inaugurated in the year 1988 and the central administration office was established at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Nagatsuda Campus). The university officially started in taking students April 1989 and Dr.Saburo Nagakura was appointed as the first President of the University. In 1995, the University was relocated to the present location at Hayama campus.[3]


The university has these six schools:[4]

  1. Cultural and Social Studies [5]
  2. Physical Sciences [6]
  3. High Energy Accelerator Science [7]
  4. Multidisciplinary Sciences [8]
  5. Life Science
  6. Advanced Sciences [9]


This article incorporates material from 総合研究大学院大学 (Sōgō kenkyū daigakuin daigaku) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on 12 January 2008.

The university's official web site provided additional information.

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