Grafton Preceptory

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Grafton Preceptory
Grafton Preceptory is located in Warwickshire
Grafton Preceptory
Location within Warwickshire
Monastery information
Order Knights Hospitalier
Established 12th century
Disestablished 1540
Location Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
Coordinates 52°11′18″N 1°49′00″W / 52.18833°N 1.81667°W / 52.18833; -1.81667Coordinates: 52°11′18″N 1°49′00″W / 52.18833°N 1.81667°W / 52.18833; -1.81667

Grafton Preceptory was a priory in Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, England that belonged to the Knights Hospitalier. The village had no connection with the Knights Templer, but acquired this name due to an administrative error during the reign of Henry VIII, by which time the Hospitaliers had been associated with the site for over three hundred years. The Preceptory was closely associated with Balsall Preceptory and the office of Preceptor for these two was often united.[1]