Grail Quest (The Fantasy Trip)

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Grail Quest, fantasy role-playing adventure.jpg

Grail Quest is a 1980 fantasy role-playing game adventure for The Fantasy Trip, published by Metagaming Concepts.

Plot summary[edit]

Grail Quest is an adventure suitable for solitaire or refereed play, where the player is one of the Knights of the Round Table.[1]

Grail Quest is a solo scenario in which the player character are Knights of the Round Table, searching the countryside for the Holy Grail. It is usable with The Fantasy Trip, Melee, or Wizard.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Grail Quest was written by Guy W. McLimore, Jr., and was published by Metagaming Concepts in 1980 as a digest-sized box with a 32-page book, counters, and a die.[2]

By 1980, Metagaming continued publishing releases for The Fantasy Trip, which initially consisted of additional MicroQuest adventures, including Guy McLimore's Arthurian GrailQuest (1980); after Steve Jackson left the company, and following the publication of GrailQuest, McLimore became the new line editor for The Fantasy Trip.[3]:80


Steve Winter reviewed Grail Quest in The Space Gamer No. 32.[1] Winter commented that "this is a great little MicroQuest. I never knew being good could be so much fun. If you would rather defend justice and honor under the clear blue skies of Britain than go mucking about underground robbing tombs, you'll love Grailquest."[1]




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