Grand Pic de Belledonne

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Grand Pic de Belledonne
Grand Pic De Belledonne.jpg
In the centre, the Grand Pic de Belledonne
Highest point
Elevation 2,977 m (9,767 ft)
Prominence 1,053 m (3,455 ft)
Coordinates 45°10′16″N 5°59′30″E / 45.17111°N 5.99167°E / 45.17111; 5.99167Coordinates: 45°10′16″N 5°59′30″E / 45.17111°N 5.99167°E / 45.17111; 5.99167
Grand Pic de Belledonne is located in France
Grand Pic de Belledonne
Grand Pic de Belledonne
Location in France
Location Isère, Rhône-Alpes
Parent range Dauphiné Alps
First ascent 16 August 1859 by
Étienne Favier,Stéphane Chapuis, Alphonse Michel and Frédéric Perrin
Easiest route Via refuge Jean Collet and the Lac Blanc

The Grand Pic de Belledonne is the highest mountain in the Belledonne massif in the Dauphiné Alps at 2,977 metres (9,767 ft).[1]


Situated in the French department of Isère, the Grand Pic of Belledonne dominates the valley of Grésivaudan and partners the Pic Central of Belledonne and the Croix de Belledonne. These three summits dominate the Freydane glacier.


Étienne Favier performed the first ascent dates on 16 August 1859, via the valley of Eau d'Olle and the Lac De Belledonne. He repeated that ascent on 17 August 1873 with his son, Émile Viallet and Auguste Michel.

In 1875, the Société des Touristes du Dauphiné constructed the refuge of Belledonne (now in ruins) above the "lac de Belledonne".

The corridor separating the Grand Peak from the Central peak is named after the alpinist Auguste Reynier who, in 1891, made the first climb via the Freydane glacier.

Gaston Rébuffat was the first to climb the mountain from the north in 1944, accompanied by Michel Chevalier.

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