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A granule is a large particle or grain. It can also be

  • Granule (solar physics), visible structures in the photosphere of the Sun arising from activity in the Sun's convective zone
  • Granule (cell biology), any of several submicroscopic structures, some with explicable origins, others noted only as cell type-specific features of unknown function
  • Azurophil granule, a structure characteristic of the azurophil eukarytotic cell type
  • Chromaffin granule, a structure characteristic of the chromophil eukaryotic cell type
  • Martian spherules, spherical granules of material found on the surface of the planet Mars
  • Granule (geology), a specified particle size of 2–4 millimetres (-1–-2 on the φ scale)
  • Granule, in pharmaceutical terms, small particles gathered into a larger, permanent aggregate in which the original particles can still be identified
  • Granule (Oracle DBMS), a unit of contiguously allocated virtual memory

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