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GraphPad Software Inc. is a privately held California corporation. They publish GraphPad Prism, which combines 2D scientific graphing, biostatistics with explanations, and curve fitting via nonlinear regression (Windows and Mac). They also provide GraphPad QuickCalcs, a set of statistical calculators (Free, web-based).

GraphPad Prism[edit]

GraphPad Prism
Developer(s)GraphPad Software, Inc.
Stable release
Operating systemmacOS and Windows
TypeScientific graphing, statistics and nonlinear regression (curve fitting)
LicenseCommercial proprietary software Edit this on Wikidata

GraphPad Prism is a commercial scientific 2D graphing and statistics software available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Alternatives to GraphPad Prism are SciDAVis, SigmaPlot, Origin (data analysis software) and interfaces to R.[1]


  • Provides statistical guidance for novices.
  • Analysis checklists review if an appropriate analysis was performed.
  • Nonlinear regression with many options (remove outliers, compare models, compare curves, interpolate standard curves, etc.).
  • Live links. When data are edited or replaced, Prism automatically updates the results and graphs.
  • Analysis choices can be reviewed, and changed, at any time.
  • Automatic error bars. Raw data (replicates) can be entered, and then plotted as mean with SD, SEM or confidence interval.


  1. ^ PubMed articles citing GraphPad Prism are 475 as of December 2017, while PubMed articles mentioning R are about 1320.