Great Apes (novel)

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Great Apes
Great Apes (Will Self novel - cover art).jpg
First edition
AuthorWill Self
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing
Publication date
15 May 1997
Media typePrint Paperback
823/.914 21
LC ClassPR6069.E3654 G73 1997b

Great Apes is a 1997 novel by Will Self.

Plot synopsis[edit]

After a night of drug use, Simon Dykes wakes up in a world where chimpanzees have evolved to be the dominant species with self-awareness, while humans are the equivalent of chimps in our world.


"Planet of the Apes meets Nineteen Eighty-Four. Simon Dykes wakes up one morning to a world where chimpanzees are self-aware and humans are the equivalent of chimps in our world. Simon has lived a life of quick drugs, shallow artists and meaningless sex. But this London, much like a PG Tips advert, has chimps in human clothing but with their chimpness intact. The carnivalesque world is humorous, gripping and provocative."[1]


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