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Jamie (left) and Tim Monger play at the Halfass in East Quad at the University of Michigan.

Great Lakes Myth Society (GLMS) is a musical group from southeast Michigan in the United States. Members include brothers Tim Monger and James Christopher Monger, Fido Kennington, Greg McIntosh and Scott McClintock. They write and perform songs about Michigan, including "myths" from around the area, as well as more contemporary, non-regional work.

The group was formed from The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, which had basically the same line up, with the addition of Liz Archinvole on violin. GLMS has a similar feel to TOBASOL, whose sound was folk/rock/pop-ish, but with a louder, more rock feel.

Their first record was released by Stop, Pop, and Roll in April 2005. They signed to Ann Arbor-based Quack!Media in 2007 and began recording their second record, Compass Rose Bouquet.

In early 2011, Chevrolet used excerpts from their songs "Midwest Main Street" and "Debutante" on its Detroit metropolitan area commercials.


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