Green Throttle Games

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Green Throttle Games
IndustryVideo games
FoundersCharles Huang, Matt Crowley, Karl Townsend
ParentGoogle Edit this on Wikidata

Green Throttle Games is a video game and video game peripheral developer.


The company was founded by RedOctane founder Charles Huang, Palm, Inc.'s Matt Crowley, and Karl Townsend, the original Palm Pilot's lead engineer.[1] They started the company with $6 million in venture capital with the intention to "develop internal games, support external development, and advance software services".[1] Their first project is software that lets players connect the company's controller to their Android device, which can connect to a television.[2] VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi called their late entry to the market a weakness.[3]

The company launched an affiliate program for Android game developers who helped sell their controllers.[4] Green Throttle Games was purchased by Google in 2014.[5]


The company's first device was the Atlas controller, styled similarly to the Xbox 360 controller.[4] The controller will be compatible with the GameStick.[6]


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