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Green belt or greenbelt is an area of protected open space around an urban area.

Green belt may also refer to:

Open spaces
Roads and paths
  • Bering Sea Greenbelt, the continental shelf break area of the Bering Sea
  • European Green Belt, a body of conservationists who seek to preserve the de facto wildlife preserves that developed along the former Iron Curtain
  • Green Belt Movement, a grassroots non-governmental organization based in Kenya that focuses on environmental conservation and community development.
  • Green Belt of Glory, a set of memorial facilities at the forefront of the battle for Leningrad
  • Greenbelt festival, an annual Christian arts festival in England
  • Greenbelt (Ayala Center), a large shopping mall in Makati City, Philippines
  • Green belt, also known as the Habitable zone, a region of space where an Earth-like planet can maintain liquid water on its surface and Earth-like life.
  • Green belt, a rank of achievement in several martial arts systems, most notably Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo
  • Six Sigma Green Belt, a certification level of the Six Sigma processes
  • Green girdle (or belt), a token in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight