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Greg Dawson (1949) is a consumer rights columnist for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. His column answers questions trying to help companies and consumers resolve conflicts. His writing usually has a humorous and sarcastic tone while answering the consumers' questions. His column is called "The Last Resort".


Greg Dawson originally started with the Sentinel in 1986 as a TV critic and became a local and state columnist in 1994. He left in 2000 to the Indianapolis Star, then returned in 2003.

In 2009 he published his first book, Hiding in the Spotlight: A Musical Prodigy's Story of Survival, 1941-1946. The book tells the story of his mother, Zhanna Arshanskaya Dawson, who as a teenage girl escaped from the Holocaust along with her sister. The rest of their family was murdered. By assuming new identities and playing piano for German soldiers the sisters survived the holocaust and made their way to the United States.[1][2]


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