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Gregg Stephen Lehrman is an American composer, music producer and songwriter. Lehrman was born and raised in New York, he graduated Cum Laude from Cornell University before moving to Los Angeles. His professional career began while working for renowned film composer Hans Zimmer, assisting on such films as The Last Samurai, Matchstick Men and Tears of the Sun.[1]

Lehrman has most recently completed the score to The Girl Is In Trouble by Julius Onah, executive produced by Spike Lee. He is signed on to score Stolen Seas, a documentary into the lives of Somali Pirates by Thymaya Payne, written by Mark Monroe of The Tillman Story.

Lehrman is known for his work on such films as the Smithsonian's A Thousand Roads, Urban Legends, The Quiet and Loveless in Los Angeles. In addition, his television work includes Brotherhood, ESPN Sportscentury, Oprah, Traffic, and ABC’s Superstars and has collaborated with such artists as Richard Patrick of Filter,Chuck D, Soulive, P-Funk, Xandy Barry, Red Zone (team behind Rihanna's hit Umbrella), Jeff Rona, Christina Courtin, Ryan Scott, and AJ Fox among others.[2]

In addition, Gregg has provided music to numerous film and television campaigns, including Twilight, Black Swan, Immortals, Avatar, Inglourious Basterds, Zemeckis's A Christmas Carol, Lost, Percy Jackson, Apple Computers and The Daily Show.[3]


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