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Gregory Burke (born 1968) is a Scottish playwright from Rosyth, Fife, Scotland.


His family moved to Gibraltar in 1979 and returned to Dunfermline in 1984. He attended St John's Primary in Rosyth, St Christopher's Middle School and Bayside Comprehensive in Gibraltar and St Columba's High School, Dunfermline. He attended the University of Stirling for two years before dropping out. He held several jobs prior to becoming a writer.


His time at Stirling University was cut short by an attack he and three others committed on a fellow student. In May 2009 Burke turned down an honorary degree from Stirling University stating he wanted to prevent any embarrassment to the establishment. According to the victim's family he has not contacted them to apologise for this attack.[1]


Gregory Burke's first play was Gagarin Way, set in the factories of West Fife. His play, Black Watch, for the National Theatre of Scotland, debuted at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, meeting with critical acclaim. Black Watch has since been performed throughout Scotland and has also toured theatres internationally. He has also written Occy Eyes, The Straits, Unsecured, On Tour, Liar and Shell shocked. His most recent play was Hoors, which opened at the Traverse Theatre on 1 May 2009.[2]

List of works[edit]