Gregory Wilpert

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Gregory Wilpert
Gregory Wilpert.png
Born (1965-06-05) June 5, 1965 (age 53)
Berlin, Germany
Alma materUniversity of California, San Diego
Brandeis University
OccupationSociologist • journalist
Years active2003–present
OrganizationVenezuela Analysis
Spouse(s)Carol Delgado Arria

Gregory Wilpert is an activist and founder of, a website supportive of Hugo Chávez's Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.[1] He has been described as "perhaps the most prominent Chavista".[2] He is currently a producer for The Real News Network in Quito, Ecuador.[3]


In 1988, Wilbert graduated from UC-San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. He later graduated with a doctorate in sociology from Brandeis University in 1994.[4]


In 2000, Wilpert moved to Caracas, Venezuela with his recently-married wife who was Venezuelan.[4] Following the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt, he founded in 2003 beside Martin Sanchez, one of the founders of, a pro-Chavez website, who set up the "technical side" of the English-language site.[1][5] The set up of was also aided by the Chávez's government.[6]

In 2008, Wilpert and his wife Carol Delgado moved to New York as Delgado began to serve as Consul General of Venezuela in New York.[3] Wilpert continued to work as the main editor of the website until 2009, though he still serves on its board of directors.[4]


In 2014, his wife moved to Quito, Ecuador to serve as the Venezuelan Ambassador to Ecuador.[4] From March 2014 to September 2015, Wilpert then served as the director of English-language programming for TeleSUR, a state-run media company primarily funded by the Venezuelan government.[3]

The Real News Network[edit]

Since February 2016, Wilpert has worked as a producer for The Real News Network in Quito, Ecuador.[3][7]

Personal life[edit]

In 1997, Wilpert married Carol Delgado Arria, a Bolivarian official who served various roles in Hugo Chávez's government.[3][8]


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