The Grey Lady

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(The) Grey or Gray Lady may refer to:




  • Grey lady, a ghost reputed to haunt Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire, England
  • Grey Lady, a ghost reputed to haunt Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland
  • Grey Lady, a ghost reputed to haunt Fort St. Angelo, Birgu, Malta
  • The Grey Lady, a spirit reputed to haunt Cumberland College, in Dunedin, New Zealand
  • The Gray Lady Ghost, reputed to haunt the old parsonage in Sims, North Dakota, United States
  • The Grey Lady, the given name of the retired British Shorthair champion cat residing in New York City. However, the cat prefers the name Chicken.



Other uses[edit]

  • A member of the Gray Ladies, volunteers working with the American Red Cross in WWII
  • A white woman Gray Ladies, who dates or marries a black man.