Gregory Kamonas

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Gregorios Kamonas
Lord of Krujë (Arbanon)
PredecessorDimitri Progoni
SuccessorGolem of Kruja
Titles and styles
archon, sebastos
SpouseKomnena Nemanjić

Gregorios Kamonas[a] (fl. c. 1215) was a Greek-Albanian[1][2] Lord or Prince (archon) of Krujë[3] (Arbanon) in ca. 1215.[3] Demetrios Chomatenos (1216–1236) mentioned him as having the title of sebastos. He first married the daughter of Gjin Progoni, then married Serbian princess Komnena Nemanjić, the daughter of King Stefan Nemanjić and widow of Dimitri Progoni, thus inheriting the rule of Arbanon. He strengthened ties with Serbia and secured Arbanon through an Orthodox alliance.[2] He had a daughter together with Komnena, who married Golem of Kruja the later lord of Kruje.[3]


  1. ^ Name: Gregorios (Greek: Γρηγόριος Καμωνάς, translit. Gri̱górios Kamo̱nás), but also Georgius, Georgios, Gregorio, Grigor (Albanian: Grigor Kamona), Grgur (Serbian: Гргур Камона) and Grigorije (Григорије Камона); his surname is also spelled Kamona.)


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Dimitri Progoni
Prince of Arbanon
(Lord of Krujë)

c. 1216
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