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Grillades and grits topped with scallions at a New Orleans restaurant.

Grillades /ɡree-yahds/[1] are medallions of various meats, conventionally beef,[1] but veal and pork are also used in modern recipes. Often served with gravy at breakfast or brunch over grits, they are a traditional Creole food.[1]

Despite the name, grillades are not grilled, but fried or seared.[1][2] For grillades with gravy, the meat is cut into medallions, pounded flat, seasoned and dredged in flour. The meat is then browned and braised in a flavorful liquid made up of roux and chopped or crushed tomatoes.[1][3] The "trinity" (chopped bell pepper, onion and celery), garlic, beef broth and/or wine are called for in many recipes. Thyme, bay leaves and cayenne or hot sauce are common seasonings.[2][4][5] The braising liquid is used as a gravy for the finished dish.

For ”grillades and grits”, the grillades are placed on a bed of grits, often cheese grits, and the gravy poured over both.[2][3][4][5]

They are sold at many places in New Orleans.


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