Lower Grindelwald Glacier

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Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher
Finsteraarhorn and Agassizhorn above the glacier
Location Canton of Berne, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°34′10″N 8°3′21″E / 46.56944°N 8.05583°E / 46.56944; 8.05583Coordinates: 46°34′10″N 8°3′21″E / 46.56944°N 8.05583°E / 46.56944; 8.05583

The Lower Grindelwald Glacier (German: Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher) is a Glacier in the Swiss Bernese Alps, situated to the south of Grindelwald. The Lower Grindelwald Glacier includes the tributary Grindelwald-Fiescher Glacier (German: Grindelwald-Fieschergletscher), which is the glacier overlooked by the Jungfrau Railway's Eismeer station.[1]

The Lower Grindelwald Glacier was about 8.2 km long and covered an area of 20.8 km2 (8.0 sq mi) in 1973.[2]

The Lower Grindelwald Glacier should not be confused with the Upper Grindelwald Glacier, situated to its north-east. The Grindelwald-Fiescher Glacier should not be confused with the like-named Fiescher Glacier, to the south of the Fiescherhorn.

The Norwegian artist Thomas Fearnley's 1838 painting of The Lower Grindelwald Glacier, made at the peak of the romantic nationalism movement


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