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Grit, Grits, or Gritty may refer to:


  • Grit (grain), bran, chaff, mill-dust or coarse oatmeal
  • Grits, a corn-based food common in the Southern United States


  • Grit, winter pavement-treatment minerals deployed in grit bins
  • Grit, or gastrolith, swallowed abrasive substances with roles in digestion
  • Gritstone, category of sedimentary rock
  • Grit (supplement), calcium source and digestion aid in birds

Abrasive technologies[edit]

  • Grit, one of the byproducts of grinding, an abrasive machining process
  • Grit removal, the removal of grit, the coarse abrasive material in untreated sewage
  • Grit size table, fineness/coarseness classification of sandpaper grit, and compares the CAMI and "P" designations with the average grit size in micrometres (μm)

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