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Grodno TV Tower is a 254 metre tall lattice tower at Grodno, Belarus, built in 1984 from unique[citation needed] design. Its top is similar to the Wavre Transmitter guyed at four crossbars.

Grodno TV Tower is used for FM and TV broadcasting.

A nearly identical but a few metres lower tower is at Vitebsk.

Transmitted programmes[edit]

Frequency Programme
66,20 МHz Канал Культура
66,98 МHz 1-я программа Беларуского Радио + Радио Гродно
67,72 МHz Радио Гродно
68,90 МHz Радио Столица
95,70 МHz Радио Би-Эй
100,5 МHz Радио Столица
101,2 МHz Радио Гродно
102,1 МHz ПИЛОТ-ФМ
103,0 МHz 1-я программа Беларуского Радио + Радио Гродно
106,9 МHz Русское Радио + Радио РОКС.

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Coordinates: 53°42′06″N 23°49′18″E / 53.70167°N 23.82167°E / 53.70167; 23.82167