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Grogport hamlet
Grogport hamlet
Coordinates: 55°38′26.6″N 5°29′1.19″W / 55.640722°N 5.4836639°W / 55.640722; -5.4836639
Country Scotland
Elevation 10 m (30 ft)
Coastal Village

Grogport is a hamlet in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, United Kingdom. It lies on the coast of Scotland, near Kilbrannan Sound, across from the Isle of Arran.

On one side of the coastal roadway that runs through Grogport there is a picnic spot on the beach, with spectacular views of Arran across the water. On the other side of the road lies the remnants of a Bronze Age Cist, a stone burial chamber. The Cist is known locally as "The Sailor's Grave" and is estimated to date to approximately 2000 BC.


Coordinates: 55°38′32″N 5°29′1″W / 55.64222°N 5.48361°W / 55.64222; -5.48361


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