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Grotten (Norwegian: Grotto) is an honorary residence owned by the Norwegian state. Since the 1920s it has been given as a permanent residence to a person specifically bestowed this honour by the King of Norway.[1]

Grotten is a nineteenth-century building located on the premises of the Royal Palace in the city centre of Oslo. The house is situated on a rocky outcrop at the edge of Palace Park (Slottsparken). It was originally the home of the poet Henrik Wergeland who lived there from 1841 to 1845. [2][3]

The writer and playwright Jon Fosse has lived in Grotten since 2011. The previous recipients of the honour have included:


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Coordinates: 59°55′6.81″N 10°43′52.12″E / 59.9185583°N 10.7311444°E / 59.9185583; 10.7311444