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Grubb is a family name and may refer to the following:

  • Catharina Elisabet Grubb (1721–1788), Finnish industrialist
  • Curtis Grubb (c. 1730 – 1789), American patriot and politician, majority owner and operator of the Cornwall Iron Works, son of Peter Grubb, the Works' founder
  • Dale Grubb, member of the Indiana House of Representatives
  • Davis Grubb (1919–1980), American writer
  • Edward Grubb (Quaker) (1854–1939), English Quaker
  • Edward Burd Grubb, Jr. (1841–1913), American Civil War commander, businessman and politician
  • Evelyn Grubb, American human rights and veterans' rights activist
  • Freddie Grubb (1887–1949), British road racing cyclist and businessman
  • George Grubb, Lord Provost and ex officio Lord-Lieutenant of Edinburgh
  • Gunnila Grubb (1692–1729), was a Swedish composer
  • Henry Bates Grubb (1774–1823), founder of the Grubb iron empire, son of Peter Grubb, Jr.
  • Howard Grubb (1844–1931), Irish telescope maker
  • Ignatius Cooper Grubb (1841–1927), American politician, jurist and historian
  • James Grubb (1771–1806), American politician
  • Jeff Grubb (born 1957), author and game designer
  • Jehu Grubb (c. 1781 – 1854), American settler and member of the Ohio House of Representatives, unacknowledged son of Curtis Grubb
  • Jennifer Grubb, American professional soccer player and coach
  • John Grubb (1652–1708), early Delaware settler and member of the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly
  • Johnny Grubb (born 1948), former Major League Baseball player
  • Kenneth Philip Grubb (1895-1976), United State District Court judge
  • Kevin Grubb (1978–2009), NASCAR driver
  • Margaret Grubb (1907–1963), first wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard
  • Nathaniel Grubb (c. 1693 – 1760), mill owner and member of the Pennsylvania Colonial Assembly from 1749 to 1758
  • Norman Grubb (1895–1993), missionary and General Secretary of the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade
  • Peter Grubb (mason) (c. 1702 – 1754), founder of the Cornwall Iron Works and builder of the Cornwall Furnace in colonial Pennsylvania
  • Peter Grubb, Jr. (1740–1786), American patriot, operator of the Cornwall Iron Works, and son of the above Peter Grubb
  • Peter Grubb (zoologist) (1942–2006), British zoologist
  • Peter J. Grubb (born 1936), British ecologist
  • Robert Grubb (born 1950), Australian actor
  • Sarah Pim Grubb (1746–1832), Irish businesswoman and Quaker benefactor
  • Thomas Grubb (1800–1878), Irish optician
  • Warner Norton Grubb (1900–1947), American petroleum executive and senior petroleum distribution officer with the U.S. Navy during World War II
  • Wayne Grubb (born 1976), former NASCAR driver
  • William Irwin Grubb (1862–1935), U.S. federal judge who struck down key portions of President Roosevelt’s New Deal
  • A family of hobbits in J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional Middle-Earth

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