Grupo Habita

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Grupo Habita
Founded2000 (2000)
FounderMoisés Micha and Carlos Couturier
Area served
Mexico and the United States

Grupo Habita is a boutique hotel developer-operator based in Mexico City that owns hotels across Mexico and several in the United States.


Grupo Habita was founded in 1994 by Moisés Micha and Carlos Couturier,[1] and opened its first hotel in 2000, called Habita Hotel and located in Mexico City.[2]


Afterward, Grupo Habita expanded its base and established 13 hotels across Mexico, with its most notable and praised property, Downtown, in Mexico City.[2][3] The company later started branching into the United States.

One of its hotels, Deseo, has been described as playing a crucial part in making the Playa del Carmen region of Mexico a hot spot for tourism.[2]

In 2011, the firm opened its first U.S. property, a hotel called Hôtel Americano in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.[2] This hotel is Grupo Habita's largest, with 56 rooms.[4]

Grupo Habita's hotels have been described by observers as being excellent for younger travelers.[2][3]

The group will operate a hotel in Chicago's Wicker Park, due to open in spring 2016.[5]

In 2016 it also expressed an interest in opening a hotel in the Stockade District of Kingston, New York,[6] a historic Hudson Valley city north of New York City that is fast becoming a cultural hot spot, with a large local hipster culture, a strong arts community and a vibrant nightlife.[7][8]


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