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Gry is a female given name used primarily in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English Dawn

  • Gry Mølleskog (born 1962), the Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Court of Norway. The first female Lord Chamberlain in the world.
  • Gry Larsen (born 1975), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Gry Østvik, former Norwegian biathlete and the first overall world cup winner for women
  • Gry Forssell (born 1973), Swedish television host and radio talk-show host
  • Gry Blekastad Almås (born 1970), Norwegian journalist
  • Gry Bay (born 1974), Danish actress and singer
  • Gry Bagøien, female singer from Denmark
  • Gry Johansen (born 1964), Danish singer who represented her country in Eurovision Song Contest 1983