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Guard or guards may refer to:

Professional occupations[edit]

Governmental and military[edit]

  • Police in medieval contexts
  • Garda Síochána, Irish police force informally known as Guards
  • Border guard, a state security agency.
  • Coast guard, responsible for coastal defence and offshore rescue
  • Honor Guard, primarily ceremonial.
  • National Guard (disambiguation), primarily domestic defense units which have military or law enforcement missions
  • Guards unit, a title earned by distinguished units in the former Soviet Union and in some contemporary ex-Soviet states
  • Color guard, a detachment of soldiers assigned to the protection of regimental colors.


  • Guard (American and Canadian football), a player between the center and the tackles on the offensive line of a team
  • Guard (grappling), a position in martial arts in which the person lies on the back, is confronted by the opponent aligned on top facing him/her, but has his/her legs entangling the opponent for control
  • Basketball positions:
  • Color guard (flag spinning), people who toss flags, spin a rifle and a saber at performances with a marching band.
  • Winterguard, people who spin and toss flags, rifles, and/or sabers at indoor performances on a tarp. Competing in either Winterguard compensation or WGI compensation.

Other uses[edit]

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