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Gudmund Nyeland Brandt (17 March 1878 in Frederiksberg – 30 April 1945 in Kessel-lo) was a Danish landscape architect who was internationally renowned.[1]


G.N. Brandt's father Peter Christoffer Brandt, was a gardener, bank manager and parish bailiff in Ordrup, Denmark. His mother was Anna Kirstine Nyeland. He graduated from the Gymnasium Ordrup 1897 and MA. Philosophy the following year. Then he was trained as a gardener by trade gardener N. Jensen, Valby 1899-1901, was in England 1901-02 and at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris 1902. He came to Germany since 1903 and was in Belgium.

He was first employed by his father, P. Brandt commercial horticulture, Ørnekulsvej 3 (former Ellensvej) Ordrup in 1904, took over the business in 1906 (sold 1914), and the same year he became a gardener for the municipality of Gentofte. He was at a dig in Ordrup Cemetery 1910-27 (partly brought on his horticultural land around his house, official residence in 1914). He was editor of Gardener Journal of Denmark (Gartner-Tidende) 1905-7 and secretary of General Gardener Association of Denmark (Almindelig Gartnerforening), consultant for the municipality of Gentofte in park issues 1921, member for the publication of Danish Manor House Gardens (Danske Herregaardshaver) and The Royal Danish Garden Society (Det Kongelige Danske Haveselskab), 1924-28.

He was a lecturer in garden design at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole)1924-41, city and municipal gardener in Gentofte Municipality 1927-45 and member of the Academy (Akademiraadets) Committee for gardening 1942-45. He received the Eckersberg Medal 1937 and the CF Hansen Medal 1945.

He exhibited at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition of 1918, Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in 1918, 1920 and 1945 (retrospective). He found inspiration in trips to Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Algiers, the 1939.

On 1 April 1909 in Copenhagen, Brandt married Gerda Petersen (14 October 1880 in Valby - 22 August 1941 in Gentofte), daughter of commerce gardener Emil Frederick Daniel Petersen, Marie Caroline Elisabeth Clément. He is buried in Ordrup Cemetery.



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