Guellat Bou Sbaa District

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Guelaât Bou Sbaâ District
دائرة قلعة بو صبع
Map of Algeria highlighting Guelma Province
Map of Algeria highlighting Guelma Province
Country  Algeria
Province Guelma
District seat Guelaât Bou Sbaâ
Population (1998)
 • Total 52,600
Time zone CET (UTC+01)
Municipalities 6

Guelaât Bou Sbaâ is a district in Guelma Province, Algeria. It ranks second in population after Guelma District. It was named after its capital, Guelaât Bou Sbaâ.


The district is further divided into 6 municipalities, which is the highest number in the province:

Coordinates: 36°32′45″N 7°28′31″E / 36.5458°N 7.4753°E / 36.5458; 7.4753