Gun Metal (video game)

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Not to be confused with Gunmetal (PC).
Gun Metal
Gun Metal.jpg
Developer(s) Rage Software
Publisher(s) Xbox
Platform(s) Xbox, PC
Release Xbox
  • UK: September 23, 2003
  • NA: May 24, 2005
January 16, 2014
Genre(s) Shooting, flight simulator
Mode(s) Single player

Gun Metal is a 3-D shooting game, released in 2002, for the Xbox and PC by the now defunct Rage Software Limited. The lead artist Nick Tipping and lead programmer Mark Featherstone on Gun Metal went on to form Moonpod.


Gun Metal allows players to pilot a futuristic mech which can transform into a plane. The game is based around a war (sometime in the future) on a planet called Helios, where humans have settled. Enemy spacecraft have followed them from Earth and are attempting to exterminate the colony. Project Gunmetal is a massive operation which oversaw the creation of a supremely powerful war machine. In its primary form, a walking "humanoid" mech many dozens of feet high, it possesses a range of 12 weapons and an electronic shield. At the push of a button, it transforms into an advanced fighter jet reminiscent of a modern fighter jet. It also possesses 12 weapons, ranging from napalm, pulse cannons, harpoons and rockets.


The game received mixed reviews upon release, garnering a score of 63 out of 100 based on 17 reviews aggregated by the website Metacritic.[1]


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