Guro Skumsnes Moe

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Guro Skumsnes Moe
Born1983 (age 37–38)
InstrumentsUpright bass, vocals
WebsiteGuro Skumsnes Moe on Myspace

Guro Skumsnes Moe (born 1983 in Hedemark, Norway) is a Norwegian Upright bass player, composer and singer. Dance, improvisation, rock, jazz and noise music, are all elements that are important to her expression.[1][2]


Moe is a bassist and vocalist that has managed to make her mark on the Norwegian music scenes, both on and off stage. She has her musical background from the Music conservatory in Kristiansand and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where she graduated 2007, she has distinguished herself as an active performer with wide field of interest on the Oslo's jazz and free impro music scene recent years. She has hosted jam sessions on "Belleville", runs the «Mumle Vind Kompani» together with Yngvild Aspelid, play traditional music together with her sisters Eline and Jenny.[3]

On her debut solo album It Pictures (2011) she collaborates in trio with drummer Sveinar Hoff and guitarist Håvard Skaset. Kim-Erik Pedersen, Kjetil Møster, Lasse Marhaug also appears on selected tunes. The second album Oslo Janus (2013) is a true solo five pieces album. The third album 3 (2014) she again collaborates with Håvard Skaset, but this time drummer Joakim Heibø replaces Sveinar Hoff.



Solo albums[edit]

  • 2011: It Pictures (Conrad Sound)[5]
  • 2013: Oslo Janus (Conrad Sound)
  • 2014: 3 (Conrad Sound)

Collaborative works[edit]

With «Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio»
  • 2010: Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio (Conrad Sound)
With «Sekstett»
  • 2010: Sekstett (Conrad Sound)
With «Blue Faced People» duo including Håvard Skaset
  • 2010: Blue Faced People (Conrad Sound)
With «Sult»
  • 2012: Bark (Bug Incision Records)
  • 2013: Harm (Bocian Records)
  • 2014: Svimmelhed (Conrad Sound)
With «Gjerstad-Skaset-Tafjord-Mølstad-Moe»
  • 2013: Deichman (Conrad Sound)
With «kÖök»
  • 2013: Imber, Wiltshire (Va Fongool)[6]


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