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Gus van Go
Birth name Gustavo Coriandoli
Born Canada
Genres Indie rock
Associated acts Me Mom and Morgentaler

Gus van Go is a Canadian music producer, mixer,[1] and musician. He is best known for his work with the Montreal band The Stills, with credits for production, mixing, writing and arranging 3 albums and one EP with the band. He has also produced and mixed material for The Sam Roberts Band, Whitehorse,[2] Wintersleep, Hollerado, Said The Whale, Arkells,[3] The Trews, Priestess, and many others.

Early life[edit]

van Go (born Gustavo Coriandoli) attended high school in Montreal.[4]


van Go began his musical career as lead-singer/guitarist for the Montreal cult-band Me Mom & Morgentaler.[5][4] The band established a following in the 1990s, and was known for its extravagant and theatrical live shows.[4] In 1999, over 10,000 attended the band's reunion concert in Quebec City.[citation needed]

In 1996, he moved to New York City, where he met musician and producer Werner F. The two began working together in 2003 when they produced The Stills’ debut album Logic Will Break Your Heart,[6] which received favorable reviews from critics.

In 2006 they built The Boiler Room Studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY,[4] where they've since produced and mixed many albums[7] including Fast Romantics,[8] Monster Truck, Matt Mays, Glorious Sons, The Elwins, Michael Rault, as well as many popular french language artists from Quebec, like, Les Trois Accords and Cowboys Fringants.

Van Go currently divides his time between his Brooklyn and Montreal studios.


Van Go was nominated for an Engineer Of The Year Juno award in 2015 for the Whitehorse album Leave No Bridge Unburned,[9] which took home the Juno award for Alternative Album of the Year.[10] In 2013 and 2010, he and co-producer Werner F were nominated for Producer of The Year at Quebec’s ADISQ awards for their work with Les Trois Accords.

In 2016, the song "America", mixed by Gus van Go and Werner F, reached #1 on Canadian radio charts. The song "I Love You" off Said The Whale's 2013 release Hawaiii went to #1 on Canada's Alternative radio Charts and #32 in the US. Oceans Will Rise, the third release from The Stills, was awarded a Juno Award for 'Alternative Album of the Year' during the 2009 Juno Awards Gala on March 28, 2009.[11] In 2008, Vulgaires MachinsCompter Les Corps (another Gus van Go & Werner F production) was nominated for a Juno Award for “Best French-Language Album”.

Selected discography as producer and/or mixer[edit]

Release year Artist Album
1995 The Kingpins On the Run
1997 The Kingpins Watch Your Back
1998 The Undercovers Some People (Stomp Records)
2003 The Stills Logic Will Break Your Heart (Vice Records / Atlantic)
2005 Priestess Hello Master (RCA / Indica)[12]
2006 The Stills Without Feathers (Vice Records / Atlantic)
2006 Vulgaires Machins Compter les corps (Indica Records)
2006 Xavier Caféïne Gisèle (Indica Records)
2008 The Trews No Time for Later
2008 The Stills Oceans Will Rise (Arts & Crafts)
2009 The Junction Another Link In The Chain
2009 Chinatown Cité D’Or
2009 Les Trois Accords Dans mon corps (Indica Records)
2010 Vulgaires Machins Requieme pour les Sourds (Indica Records)
2010 Hollerado Record in a Bag (Royal Mountain Records)
2010 Ariel Après Le Crime
2011 Neverending White Lights’’ Act III: Love Will Ruin
2011 Monster Truck The Brown EP (Dine Alone Records)
2011 The Grates Secret Rituals (Dew Process / Death Valley)
2011 Kamakazi Rien à Cacher
2012 Amos the Transparent Good Night My Dear… I’m Falling Apart
2012 The Junction Grievances
2012 GrimSkunk Set Fire (Indica Records
2012 Rah Rah The Poet’s Dead (Hidden Pony)
2012 Les Trois Accords J'aime ta grand-mère (La Tribu)
2013 Hollerado White Paint
2013 Xavier Caféïne New Love (Indica Records)
2013 Wildlife On The Heart (Wax Records)
2013 Said the Whale hawaiii (Hidden Pony)
2014 Jeremy Fisher The Lemon Squeeze (Hidden Pony)
2014 Teenage Kicks Spoils Of Youth (Rezolute/Universal)
2014 In-Flight Safety Conversationalist (Dead Daisy/Night Danger)
2014 Guillaume Beauregard D’ètoiles, De Pluie Et De Cendres (La Tribu)
2015 The Lazys The Lazys (Pheremone Records)
2015 Michael Rault Living Daylight (Burger Records)
2015 Simon I Simon I (La Tribu)
2015 The Glorious Sons The Union (Black Box)
2015 The Elwins Play For Keeps (Hidden Pony)
2015 Hollerado Firefly (single) (Royal Mountain Records)
2015 Whitehorse Leave No Bridge Unburned (Six Shooter Records)
2015 Rah Rah Vessels (Hidden Pony)
2015 Terra Lightfoot Every Time My Mind Runs Wild (Sonic Unyon)[13]
2015 Les Cowboys Fringants Octobre (La Tribu)
2015 Les Trois Accords Joie D’Etre Gai (La Tribu)
2015 Fast Romantics "Julia" (Single)
2016 The Junction City Light (Culvert Music)
2016 Wintersleep The Great Detachment (Dine Alone)
2016 TUNS Mind Over Matter (Royal Mountain)
2016 Sam Roberts Album Currently In Production (Universal)
2016 Matt Mays Album Currently In Production (Sonic Records)


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