Gustav Budde-Lund

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Gustav Budde-Lund
Gustav Budde-Lund.png
Born 11 January 1846
Died 19 September 1911 (1911-09-20) (aged 65)
Nationality Danish
Fields Carcinology, Entomology

Gustav Henrik Andreas Budde-Lund (11 January 1846 – 19 September 1911)[1] was a Danish invertebrate zoologist. In 1868, he co-founded the Entomologisk Forening, alongside Rasmus William Traugott Schlick, Carl August Møller, Andreas Haas and Ivar Frederik Christian Ammitzbøll.[citation needed] He was a student of entomologist J. C. Schiødte, and became a leading authority on terrestrial isopods (woodlice, pill bugs and relatives), describing over 70 genera and around 500 species.[2] He married in 1875 and in 1885 produced his Crustacea Isopoda terrestria.[3] The woodlouse genus Buddelundiella was named in Budde-Lund's honour by Filippo Silvestri in 1897.


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