Gustavo Charif

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Gustavo Charif
2016 Gustavo Charif in Singapore.jpg
Charif in Singapore, 2016
Born Gustavo Eduardo Charif al-Hāshim
(1966-08-18) August 18, 1966 (age 51)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentine

Gustavo Charif (born Gustavo Eduardo Charif al-Hāshim, August 18, 1966, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine writer, visual artist and film director. He is a friend of dramaturg Fernando Arrabal. His works are a sort of Dadaism mixed with the secular poetry of actual times.

In 1997 the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art organized a retrospective of his experimental short films.

In 2002 Arrabal and Milan Kundera planned their first book together and invited Charif to make the images. In the same year, Daniel Maman Fine Arts edited the "Incarnate Manifesto" for the big solo exhibition in the gallery.

He has developed actions as the canonization of Luce Moreau Arrabal at the front door of the Notre-Dame of Paris, giving her the title of Saint Lis with the presence of the Collège de 'Pataphysyque.

The Centro Cultural Borges organized the individual exhibition "Alexandria" in 2004.

In 2005 he founded the Infinilogy movement with Victorio Lenz (Charif's pseudonym), Andres Onna and Agares Graber.

His first feature-length film, The Reason, was released in 2010 (prize "to the excellence technical and photography" at the Festival de Cine Inusual, Buenos Aires, and invited to the Mar del Plata Film Festival). "The Reason" includes, in the end credits, an unreleased song by Moby.

In 2012 he represented Argentina at the International Art Expo Malaysia.

In 2013 the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Kuala Lumpur requested him an artwork that portrays his personal vision of Qatar. The work was exhibited on 16 May at the "Peace & Security Forum", in the Ritz Carlton of Kuala Lumpur. After this his artworks were shown in Art Osaka (Japan), and in Cutlog, contemporary art fair (Paris 2013 and New York 2014).

In 2015 takes part of "The Selfie Show" in the MONA (Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA) and in 2016 presents his big installation "Ailanthus, or The Living Museum of Art by Nature", invited by the Guandu International Nature Art Festival (Taipei, Taiwan).

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