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Front side of Restaurant Gustu, La Paz.jpg
Restaurant information
Head chefMarsia Taha y Mauricio Lopez
Food typeModern Cuisine
Dress codeNone
RatingNo. 27 in Latin America
Street addressNo. 300 Calle 10, Calacoto
CityLa Paz

Gustu, the quechua word for flavour, is a restaurant and bar placed in La Paz, Bolivia, which opened in April 2012. Gustu is under the management of Head Chef Kamilla Seidler and CEO Michelangelo Cestari.[1][2] It is considered among South America's 50 best restaurants, landing the number 32 spot on The Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 and the number 14 spot in 2017 in list made by the British magazine Restaurant.[1]


Gustu opened its doors in April 2012 and soon was noticed by major international newspapers and magazines along with its founder Claus Meyer at the front.[3][4] Most noteworthy is the appearances in The New York Times,[5][6][7] The Guardian,[8][9][10] Financial Times,[11][12][13] Food and Wine,[14] Bloomberg,[15][16][17][18] Eater[19][20] and CNN.[21]

Being a part of Melting Pot Bolivia, a NGO project made by Claus Meyer in cooperation with IBIS Denmark,[22] Gustu was meant as both a restaurant and a cooking school.[23][24] After they both experienced success, Gustu departed from Melting Pot Bolivia and IBIS Denmark, and also created GustuBar, a Bar & Lounge with the same philosophy as the restaurant itself.[25]


Gustu works with the philosophy that they "can change the world through food" [26]. Something Claus Meyer implemented when he introduced the "Manifesto of the New Bolivian Cuisine".[27] Most of the students at Gustu School are underprivileged youngsters from Bolivia.[2][28]


Gustu applies the "kilometer 0 philosophy", meaning that all products used in their dishes and drinks are exclusively born, planted, developed and/or transformed in Bolivian territory.[23][28]


In 2013, Gustu won Best New Restaurant in South America and Best Restaurant in South America, from "Como Sur – South American Gastronomy".[29][30][31] Kamilla Seidler won Best Chef in South America decided by Como Sur – South American Gastronomy.[29][30][31]

In 2014, Gustu placed 32nd on the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in Restaurant Magazine,[32][33] and won the S. Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Bolivia award.[33] It again won Best Restaurant in South America from Como Sur – South American Gastronomy, [34] and Kamilla Seidler again won the award for Best Chef in South America.[34]

In 2015, Gustu climbed 15 positions on the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants and is now placed in place No.17.


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